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LED Animated Light Boxes (Acrylic Border)


LED Animated Light Boxes has the effect which is flashing of EL Flashing Light Box. And the LED Animated Light Boxes can also produce the effect which can not be gotten from EL Flashing Light Boxes such as colour change, lightening gradually and darkening gradually and so on. Further more, this kind of light has higher brightness and longer lifetime. LED Animated Light Boxes will be a perfect substitute for EL Flashing Light Box. Still, flash mode according to the customers requirement and the picture.

Description:LED Animated Light Boxes (Acrylic Border)

  • Super LED backlit the images
  • Effects can be customized
  • Advanced light-guide design
  • Environmental protection
  • Easily installing
  • Different standard size

Contrast of EL Flashing Light Boxes and LED Animated Light Boxes:

Contrast Item EL Flashing Light Boxes LED Animated Light Boxes
Brightness(White) Brightest:About 400LUX Brightest:More than 2000LUX
Light Colour(White) Lean to green, make the image colour cast Natural white
Effect of Colour Change Unchangable Changeable according to requirement
Lightening Effect Not applicable Applicable
Thickness (Contain Frame) About 1cm About 3cm
Lifetime(White) Longest lifetime:10000hrs Longest lifetime:50000hrs
Inverter Bigger volume,outlay,higher costs Smaller volume,bulit-in,lower costs